Migration support

Migration in this context is converting CAD or CAD/PLM-data to another CAD/PDM-solution, with as objective to no longer use the former CAD/PLM-solution for new developments.

If the target CAD-system is not yet in production use, migration is the opportunity to redesign the CAD-working methods to match the posibilities of the CAD/PLM-solution and business strategy.

  • give management insight which information gets lost with regular migrations and which investments are necessary to achieve a similar productivity as the current environment.
  • project team definition.
  • quantify which information is needed in the new solution.
  • work out different conversion scenarios with estimated costs.
  • check solutions provided from software vendors or third party solutions, whch are not provided out-of-the-box in the configured software.
  • management reporting.
  • project planning (timing  conversie, application management, education users, after care).