As companies business' grows in complexity and portfolio, the need for well organised product related-data increases.
Specpa can investigate if implementing a product data management solution is feasable and play a key role in the implementation. Specpa will discover the real processes, and find out the best match of the needed business processes to the companies strategy and people.


CAD automation

Most companies which have evolved from 2D to 3D, do not fully exploit the possibilities of their CAD system. They have lots of legacy procedures which restrain them from optimizing their design workflow. Design automation is a long trajectory and the benefits have to be clear from the start. Specpa can assist in investigating whether design automation is feasable, and assist in the implementation.


Engineering IT support

With increasingly complex corporate IT-environment, there is a vast move to a more secure and manageble environment. This has a huge impact on the performance of a CAD/PDM-environment. The right investments on CAD/PDM-hardware are needed to maintain performance in this secured environment. Specpa is the perfect intermediate between IT and engineering to help match the IT strategy to the daily engineering working environment.


Migration support

In a global environment companies need a new strategic vision. Quick adaption to new markets is a must. In case of mergers synergy is the keyword. In the CAD/PDM-environment ineffective translations can be eliminated by migration to a single corporate solution. Specpa can help management to specify the investments and planning requirements.


Configuration management

For configurable products uniform configuration management is essential. In practise there are seperate incomplete configurators and configurations are missing. Specpa can assist in identifiiing the missing configurations and create a concept for configuration management for the entire life cycle of a product portfolio. This can be used as abasis for a roadmap to integration of configuration management in PLM and ERP and CRM.