Welcome at Specpa, Mechanical Engineering Support. We deliver services in the Benelux and Germany since 2006. We close the gap between concept and actual implementation of CAD and PLM solutions in the mechanical product development environment. Count on Specpa if a quick solution is needed and no doors are closed for long term solutions.


Who we are


Our specialties

At specpa work people with a mechatronical background with affinity with IT. Specpa has long term relationships with other independent small businesses in the same branche. This make it possible to give independent advice, and provide high flexiblility.  

At specpa we are specialised in...


Specpa is founded in 2006. Started with advising and application management for the CAD-applications NX and I-deas and application management for the PDM applications Teamcenter Engineering and TDM. Now specpa is advising SMB on CAD/PLM-implementation selection trajects and management of implementation trajects. We now have 15 years of experience in enterprise engineering.